Information to become a Roof & Rifle Pro.

Roof & Rifle is a marketplace that connects homeowners and property owners with the right pros to repair, maintain, and remodel their property. We are a community that believes in the principles of freedom and desires to do business with people and companies who share those beliefs. 

Becoming a Roof & Rifle Pro starts with agreeing with a set of principles, a thorough background check, and a very affordable membership fee ($199.00) that gives you access to the many products that can streamline your business and help it grow. 

At Roof and Rifle we believe in the principles of freedom. Our customers do too. By signing up to become a Roof & Rifle partner you are stating that you believe in the principles of freedom as well. Any company or individual that chooses to uphold those principles is invited to sign up as a Pro. *There is a list of criteria that you must meet before being approved.*

At this time, Roof & Rifle has two types of Pros:

PRO- This is a bold statement that lets your customers know that you share in the principles of freedom as your standard. Homeowners and property owners like to do business with people and companies that support the things they care about. All Roof & Rifle Pros have complete access to all the information and products that are available to all our Pros.

VERIFIED PRO- After you have become a Roof & Rifle Pro, you can apply to be a Verified Pro. Along with the the requirements for Pros, Verified Pros haves another level of requirements and criteria that you must meet. We also check references to ensure quality of work and professionalism. 

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PRO Member Qualifications

PRO Questionare

Before applying to become a Roof & Rifle Pro be sure that you meet or agree to the following requirements. Any company or individual who does not meet these basic requirements will be denied.

1. Do you agree with the principles of freedom

2. Do you support the Second Amendment? 

3. Will you pass Roof & Rifle's thorough background check?

4. Do you hold the required licensing to preform the work in your jurisdiction? 

5. Are you insured? Are you bonded?  

6. Are you legally registered and able to conduct business in your state and local jurisdiction?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, we want to partner with you and connect you with a great community that is looking to complete projects soon!

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